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Net Dot Music is an independent record label specializing in instrumental fusion: all-instrumental music that blends several styles and genres. If you are an avid listener of jazz fusion, world fusion, progressive rock, or other instrumental music hybrids that combine various influences - even classical, new age, experimental, or avant-garde - you will probably connect with the music in our catalog.

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Last update: December 16, 2014
  • Latest releases: Two full-length albums from improvisational jazz fusion drummer/composer Massimo: Lethal Blend, featuring John Swana on EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) on eleven original compositions; and El Mirador, featuring Guido Posani on vocals. CDs are available as Burn-On-Demand copies only.

    Global Resonances - World fusion release from bass guitarist & keyboardist Gino Foti, featuring the integration of traditional ethnic music and modern jazz fusion influences into new experiments of cultural hybridity. Includes a fifteen-minute trilogy, four duets sans percussion, and an arrangement for four bass guitars of a J. S. Bach fugue. Compact discs are available as limited edition Digipaks.

  • Digital-only releases: Massimo has released P. Ercu Shawn, which features several chromatic percussion instruments, odd-time signatures, arrangements of compositions by Béla Bartók & Igor Stravinsky, and a cover of Frank Zappa's "The Black Page".

    His back catalog: Alternate Search, Child Care Mix, Coming Back, The March Of The Heart, Truth & Error, Viaggiando & Immaginando, and Wisdom Of The Sphinx is now available as well as MP3 Albums.

    Gino has released Asian Mosaic, Indian Mosaic, Latin Mosaic, and Mediterranean Mosaic - Fifty-two compositions from his world fusion catalog, compiled by geographic sub-genre.

  • In the pipeline: Gino has completed sixteen skeletal arrangements for his next world fusion release, a conceptual album of aleatory music - where some element of the composition has been left to chance - using geomantic devices. Recording sessions will begin next year.

    He is also arranging several compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, for one to four bass guitars, with the material covering both sacred & secular, vocal & instrumental works from the master's oeuvre. Production is scheduled to begin next summer.

  • CD sale: Buy Gino's first four releases for only $9.99 postpaid! (USA residents only)

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  • Free label sampler MP3 album: Download over eighty minutes of music from our entire artist roster for free!
  • Merchandise: More products have been added to Gino's CafePress storefronts.
    Gino Foti merchandise
  • In memoriam: Dave Kulju died suddenly last December. We dearly miss our brother-in-music. Lepää rauhassa.
  • Dave Kulju

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